Why use the Green Army Mosquito Plan:

Our company founders innovated the Mosquito Industry over 15 years ago.   In time, they developed a program that fits any size yard or budget.   The experience our founders have with all types of Mosquitoes and in talking with thousands of customers across the Southeastern part of the United States, they have added many steps to treating yards with success rate over 90% total elimination and prevention.

Green Army offers the most comprehensive solution available – five (5) very thorough steps that we repeat every twenty-one (21) days. This method is so effective, studies performed showed a reduction in mosquitos of 90% or greater during the first week.  After the second application and process, your yard will be well managed on-going by your Certified Green Army Employee, who is trained specifically by our Mosquito Division with our Founders specific 5-step treatment protocols.  You won’t find that from anyone else in the market.  We created the Mosquito Industry and have rolled up our experience under Green Army to better service all our customer’s needs, and giving them piece of mind and convenience.

Don’t be fooled by cheap competitors one or two-step mosquito programs with extremely cheap heavy synthetic pesticides that target more than mosquitoes and that do not address the many other steps and devices necessary to get the best results.  

Join Green Army

Act before April 30th and receive your first treatment at $49.00 up to 1 ACRE.


  • 15-Year Veterans & Innovators of the Mosquito Control Industry for residential homes
  • Proprietary formulation of botanicals and other essential oils that kill and repel
  • 5-Step Treatment (inspect, correct, mist blower treatment, drain treatments & repellent granules)
  • Re-treat guarantee
  • 21 Day cycles
  • Convenience Billing
  • Non-toxic control devices to supplement treatments where necessary (Green Army goes above and beyond)

“We owned a Mosquito Misting System and grew tired of all the issues with the system and the effectiveness was not what we expected.  Green Army pointed out so many details not covered by this system, we decided to turn it off and let them implement their program…Wow…that is all I can say.  True professionals of their trade and top notch employees.”

Nevin B. Dallas, Texas

“My husband tried so hard on his own…Home Depot’s pest department loved him….but we just could not get relief.  Once we hired Green Army, we quickly realized it’s better to leave this up to the professionals.   They just really know what they are doing, and the yard smells great after each treatment.  Love Green Army’s Mosquito Division.”

Christy D. Dallas, Texas

Not Your Average Mosquito Solution

Green Army is a healthy home and pest solutions company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Green Army is uniquely positioned to handle many needs within a home, in a healthier, greener manner. Besides pest prevention and elimination, Green Army also offers related home services.

Our founders have worked in the home service industry for more than two decades and have developed a superior offering based on their years of hands-on experience.